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We develop software to bring value to our business using SOLID Object Oriented development principles. Every single day we get to use the latest technology and the most efficient and developer-friendly programming practices to build a world-class system that's growing and improving all the time.

We strive to drive the creation of every line of code with a test. We use Test Driven Development (TDD) to shape and mold our code, allowing the elegant design to emerge from the implementation of business requirements. The tests that are created become the safety net we use to make changes, and the living documentation of a thriving payments platform.


We're people creating software for other people to use. We collaborate with our users not only to create the best solutions to meet the needs of the business, but also to ensure the quality of those solutions. In the process, we build a team of software creators that improve their skill sets daily and develop each other into a team that is rivaled by no other.

We focus on flowing work through the software development engine, constantly streaming business value into our systems and the company. We gather for stand-ups daily to sync the team on what is happening and have retrospectives twice a month to evaluate the team and eliminate inefficiencies and roadblocks.



  • Ideally seeking a mid level C# developer; willing to consider someone with experperience with Java or Ruby
  • A desire to work in an Agile environment (experience is a plus)
  • A desire to work in a Pair programming development environment
  • Technology enthusiasts
Job ID #16575