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Engineer/Field Engineer/Construction Manager/Survey

Nuclear Safety Analysis Engineer (DH)  ,   Posted: 9/11/2023
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Engineer/Field Engineer/Construction Manager/Survey

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Come join a growing multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers designing the next generation nuclear power plant. EGS Inc. is seeking a Nuclear Safety Analysis Engineer to join its Deterministic Safety Analysis (DSA) group. The  DSA group is responsible for developing methodologies and performing analyses to demonstrate that thepower plant satisfies its safety bases and licensing requirements. These types of analyses include of evaluations of the reactor core, reactor coolant system, engineered safety features, containment, and radiological releases associated with anticipated operational occurrences (AOOs), design basis accidents (DBAs), and beyond design basis accidents (BDBAs). Additionally, the DSA group is responsible for the verification and validation activities associated with the computer codes used in these analyses. The Engineer will be part of a team executing a U.S. Government cost-shared development program requiring efficient completion of engineering assignments.

Positions are available in Camden, NJ and Covert, MI and Buchanan, NY.  Relocation assistance available.

Specific Areas of Responsibility:
  • Develop analytical methods and models for the spectrum of AOOs, DBAs, and BDBAs that are applicable to the  reactor design.
  • Perform AOO, DBA, and BDBA simulations for the SMR-160.
  • Perform code benchmarking and validation analyses to support code qualification and methodology development.
  • Perform pre- and post-test analyses to support Separate Effects and Integral Systems Tests.
  • Develop methodology reports, design criteria, and other licensing documentation to support licensing actions.
  • Interact with regulators to explain methods, models, and analyses. 
  • Integrate with other engineering groups as needed to support the overall design and licensing efforts.


Job Requirements


Minimum Requirements:
  • B.S. in nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, or closely related field from an accredited college or university.  
  • Work experience with associated systems, design, and analysis of nuclear power plants.
  • Must be able to solve problems and make sound engineering judgments, based on experience and proper application of good engineering practices.
  • Must be able to work independently and in team settings on specific tasks, and to prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Demonstrated technical writing skills.
  • Demonstrated effective communication skills.
  • Eligible to work under 10 CFR Part 810.

Optional Additional Qualifications:
  • M.S. or Ph.D. in nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, or closely related field from an accredited college or university.  
  • At least 3 or more years of experience performing safety analysis calculations using industry computer codes such as GOTHIC, RELAP5, RETRAN, COBRA, VIPRE, etc.
  • At least 3 or more years of experience developing safety analysis methodologies including computer code verification and validation.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of U.S. NRC regulations such as NUREG-0800 (NRC Standard Review Plan for LWRs) and Regulatory Guide 1.203 (Transient and Accident Analysis Methods).
  • Strong understanding of thermal hydraulic behavior of nuclear power plants under steady state and transient conditions.
  • Demonstrated technical writing skills through licensing topical reports or safety analysis reports.
  • Familiar with Linux operating systems.
  • Programming skills in any language is preferred.


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