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Engineer/Field Engineer/Construction Manager/Survey

I&C Design Engineer  Los Alamos, NM  Posted: 5/26/2023
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Engineer/Field Engineer/Construction Manager/Survey

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You will be working as part of a design team assessing, maintaining, and upgrading facility systems. Specific tasks will include developing contract documents consisting of drawings, specifications, calculations and special inspections in order to maintain the technical baseline for new and existing systems throughout the facility lifecycle. This will require interfacing and coordinating with all stakeholders including other engineering disciplines, equipment manufacturers and customers during design and construction to establish design requirements, scope, cost, and modifications for projects.

Must be US Citizen.

Job Requirements


 Minimum Job Requirements:
 * Demonstrated ability to prepare calculations, applications of engineering methods, and application of technology aided engineering tools to facility and operations-based engineering problems.
 * Working experience in creation of sequences of operation for the control of building systems, developing control schematics, wiring diagrams, programs, and graphics, testing of programming and interfaces prior to deployment, functional testing (commissioning) of building systems, and technical support during installation process.
 * Experience in leading projects, interfacing with customers, resolving questions and issues with project team and customers, and delivering construction documents on time.
 * Experience in supporting construction execution, including timely review of submittals, requests for information, design changes, aid in non-conformance issues, validation of commissioning activities and documentation, and producing accurate as-built documents.
 * Ability to collaboratively problem solve, show commitment, and function well in a team environment.
 Position requires a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from an ABET-accredited college or university and a minimum of 3 years of practical work experience necessary to perform the responsibilities outlined above. Advanced engineering or technical degree is highly desired.
 Desired Qualifications:
 * Current registration as an Engineer in Training (EIT) is desirable
 * Basic knowledge of industry codes and standards (ISA, ISO, ANSI, IBC, NEC, NFPA, etc.)
 * Familiar with producing designs utilizing AutoCAD tools and work processes
 * Familiar with Engineering Standards and Conduct of Engineering along with industry, regulatory, or Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) codes and standards
 * Experience with BAS Software, associated engineering tools, graphic software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.), and Microsoft Visio.
 * Experience with Automated Logic and Phoenix software, including WebCtrl, SiteBuilder, ViewBuilder, LogicBuilder, InterOp 3.02, Alert, Draw, EDB, Eikon, Supervision, and Accel Works.


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