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Engineer/Field Engineer/Construction Manager/Survey

Division Director for Engineering Experimental Operations  Princeton, NJ  Posted: 5/3/2023
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Engineer/Field Engineer/Construction Manager/Survey

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Direct Hire

The Division Director for Engineering Experimental Operations will have oversight of installation, maintenance, and engineering operations of PPPL experimental facilities such as NSTX-U, FLARE, and their supporting systems. The Director will provide operational and technical leadership in the establishment, deployment, and utilization of existing and forthcoming capability at PPPL's engineering and research facilities to meet PPPL research goals. The successful candidate will partner with experimenters and operating programs to ensure proper system conditions and execution plans. Responsibilities will include the management of internal and potentially contracted resources and budget for engineers, technicians, and operators. The successful candidate will bring mature professional judgment in determining operational objectives and requirements with research programs, as well as, establishing and managing standard and off-normal operating procedures, collaborative targets and schedules, all while ensuring safety and long-term availability. Responsibility includes the planning and management of the engineering lifecycle of both work and experimental equipment and systems. This position entails leadership of four line management groups and reports to the PPPL Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for Engineering, who will provide support and general administrative direction for the continuous operational objectives, experimental campaigns, and strategic development of new capabilities.
Core Duties
The successful candidate will: 
  • Apply extensive and diversified knowledge of principles and practices of experimental operations.
  • Provide oversight of installation, maintenance, and operations of experimental equipment and integration of complex systems within an engineering and research development environment. Manage configuration and readiness of all associated systems.
  • Lead the engineering experimental operations teams to ensure the availability and performance of all experimental facility operating and support systems to ensure research campaigns meet scientific objectives; drive schedules and safely execute to meet mission goals.
  • Establish maintenance and operations strategies and plan facility upgrades in collaboration with research/experimentation staff and PPPL stakeholders to ensure experimental systems are available to support the experimental schedules (NSTX, FLARE, etc…) and are capable of supporting both current and future experimental requirements.
  • Coordinate with the User Facility Support Manager in coordinating collaborator support and training.
  • Achieve operations and maintenance support profiles that are flexible and which allow for multi-shift support for research operations.
  • Direct personnel and performance within the experimental operational organization, including career development and succession strategies for key positions.
  • Manage processes and projects to improve operational efficiencies, user satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness of both existing operations and new capabilities.
  • Be self-motivated and demonstrate outstanding leadership skills with experience leading multi-disciplined teams.
  • Coordinate with the NSTX-U Recovery Project Team in preparing for and in execution of transition from recovery to full operating status.
  • Coordinate with the FLARE development team to execute commissioning and transition to full experimental operations.
  • Work closely with senior leaders to properly prioritize workloads and support all project commitments and strategic initiatives.
  • Identify and fill strategic gaps in the organization in coordination with Human Resources, ensuring PPPL's performance in current core competencies and growth in emerging areas of focus and new projects.
  • Provide leadership and ensure the professional development and training of all assigned personnel within the division.

Job Requirements


Education and Experience: 
  • Master's degree in Engineering, Physics, Nuclear Engineering or the equivalent combination of education and related experience.
  • Professional experience, at least 15 years, preferably in a scientific or R&D environment.
  • A proven track record of leading operations and/or user facilities for complex, high reliability systems in an engineering and/or research environment.
  • Demonstrated engineering or scientific leadership experience.
  • Experience and familiarity with National Laboratories and Department of Energy (DOE) is preferred.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
  • Excellent leadership, management, and organizational development knowledge and experience need to direct multidisciplinary teams.
  • Proven ability to manage resources within a research and design environment to meet cost, schedule, and quality parameters.
  • Preferred technical competences in engineering include:
    • Pulsed Power and High Voltage Engineering
    • RF Engineering
    • Electronics and Control Engineering
    • Vacuum and/or Cryogenics Engineering
    • Nuclear Engineering topics including shielding design, health physics, etc
    • Optical Engineering
    • Cryogenics engineering
    • Pressure system engineering
    • Systems Engineering
  • Ability to communicate, collaborate, and direct an organization while building multi-disciplinary teams, interacting with senior management and sponsors on a wide variety of management and complex technical issues.
  • Significant experience in safety systems, risk assessments, and quality assurance.
Working Conditions: 
  • Primarily on-site work.
  • Exposure to dust, temperature excursions, humidity, monitored low level radiation, noise, household and industrial chemicals, solvents and some fumes.
  • Working near hand tools, powered hand tools, machine shop tools and rotating equipment.
  • Working near moving vehicles, equipment, cranes, hoists, tractor, lifts and forklifts.


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