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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)/Electrical Systems Engineer  Reading, PA  Posted: 10/11/2022
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We are seeking an experienced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) /electrical systems engineer to be a key member of an effort to build expertise and capability in magnetic and electromechanical devices, helping to drive strategic growth at Carpenter.  This individual is expected to have a broad electrical and mechanical engineering knowledge base with a focus on finite element modeling of power electronic and electromechanical devices and have a proven track record of delivering to set project objectives.  This individual will be responsible for developing the capabilities and establishing modeling driven requirements in support of value-added initiatives and maintaining the company as a leader in the innovation of metallurgical solutions.
LOCATION:   Reading, PA  (Relocation available)
  • Using various 3D modeling based electromagnetic FEA/CAD technologies, assist in developing new applications and identify existing ones which could leverage existing products in Carpenter catalogue, and further aid in identification of systems for which materials need to be developed.
  • Play a lead role in researching and developing new materials solutions.
  • Monitor existing engineering standards and processes as well future technologies related to fabrication of electromagnetic systems, and proactively drive development of new material needs as identified backed by modeling driven verification.
  • Interact with Carpenter engineering and/or manufacturing staff at Carpenter facilities to lead and assist with implementation of process capabilities and improvements.
  • Scope out project needs, design experiments using standard experimental design techniques and use advanced techniques for component modeling, testing and data analysis.
  • Support Alloy Design and Product Development, and Product metallurgists in projects to find optimal material design targets for development.
  • Prepare technical reports based on work performed.
  • Interact with national laboratories, universities and industrial consortiums to jointly develop and evaluate new processes and materials.
  • Perform all other duties and special projects as assigned.   

Job Requirements


  • Masters plus 5 years of experience required. PhD preferred.    
  • Ability to travel 10 - 20%. 
  • US Citizen or Green Card Holder (Due to Compliance Requirements)
Key softwares that should raise Green light and make a good indication of knowledge is using softwares such as Ansys, Maxwell, COMSOL, and JMAG.
  • Operating motor dyno system (motor testbeds) is a plus.
  • Six Sigma or variation reduction training is a plus.
  • Practical working experience or graduate studies emphasizing finite analysis of soft magnetic cores used for motor stators (stacked laminations) and other electronic machines is a plus
  • Computational modeling experiences using commercial packages (e.g., Solidworks, JMAG Comsol) and magnetic testing is required. Experience with Ansys is a plus.
  • Proficient project management skills are essential with demonstrated drive and passion towards project outcomes.
  • Ability to make significant individual contribution to attainment of team objectives.
  • Must be able to set clear priorities, commit to achieving deliverables, and deliver on commitments on time with above-the-line accountability. 
  • Ability to recognize, communicate, measure, and implement actions to mitigate technical risks.
  • Ability to provide support, leadership, and guidance to peers, customers, and manager in key projects and opportunities.  Ability to work with management to develop and implement strategic plans for the company.
  • Proven dedication to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers and makes decisions based on information gained from strong customer interactions.
  • Willing to speak up and speak out, but can reach consensus based on information at hand.  Capable of taking on tough assignments both independently and in team-based settings.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, and willingness to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Proven commitment to a zero injury workplace. Lives the values of dignity, respect, integrity, and ethics with their work and interactions.


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