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Job ID#: 277

Category: Industrial

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  • Troubleshoot and repair machinery and equipment with minimal supervision using safe techniques and schematics.  Perform electrical tasks and incidental work as needed to achieve assigned task.  Perform electronic component replacement per familiarity and/or training.  Verify equipment as functional and leave the area clean and safe.
  • Operate in response to requests by maintenance supervisor or support personnel and set priorities as required to maximize equipment uptime.
  • Gather and maintain a complete set of required tools, including calipers, dial indicators, electrical meters and other diagnostic and measurement devices.  Utilize diagnostic tools and techniques to define problem areas and assist with resolution.  Utilize measurement devices to hold print tolerances and industry standards while performing machine repairs and assembly.
  • Participate in preventive and predictive maintenance programs to improve operational uptime and equipment life.  Recommend improvements and/or changes to PM systems/tasks when applicable.
  • Follow designated work instructions as outlined for specific functions.  These include, but are not limited to; PM work orders, continuous improvement tasks, new installation line-ups, and repair/refurbish assignments.
  • Update drawings/prints, suggest spare parts and suitable replacements, and perform various forms of machine repair/rebuild in a professional manner per line-up and schematics.
  • Follow standard practices and all governmental regulations and laws relating to powered equipment.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor and management.

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