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Senior Graphic Designer

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Auburn Hills, MI

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Contractor (W-2)

Job Description

Description:* Develop graphic designs for training and communication materials including, but not limited to web-based courseware, printable materials, websites, displays, and other media.
* Work with Brand and Performance Institute Development Team to ensure communications have a consistent look and feel with overall brand creative and customer touchpoints.
* Receive briefs and specifications from Performance Institute team leads and agree on achievable deadlines.
* Manage workload and prioritize projects in line with agreed critical path, communicating any potential slippage.
* Ensure designs meet objectives prior to handover for sign off.
* Progress to final design following amends and handover in agreed format or implement online where appropriate.
* Keep up to date with new technology, software and systems.
* Assist with retouching tasks, including cropping, resizing, color manipulation, and removing artifacts to be compatible with project and legal requirements.
* Develop specifications, coordinates, schedules and facilitates printing and production services.
* Researches, evaluates, and forecasts trends in commercial printing technology and processes; provides direction and support during schedule interruptions to accommodate urgent requests.
* Provides consultation and assistance to internal stakeholders during project development regarding the printing production process including how to coordinate and facilitate the project's requirements in a timely manner, formulating and preparing print requests, choosing appropriate paper and ink/color combinations, and the impact of choosing the appropriate paper quality for the finished print job; recommends various printing techniques; recommends cost reducing methods as well as cost analysis and timeline impacts for specified projects; acts as a resource to advise appropriate printing and production methods to meet print needs within budgeted goals; coordinates and manages printing and production requirements with outside vendors as necessary.

Job Requirements


* 5-10 years of combined education, training, and experience which demonstrates ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described, including experience working as a lead in business printing and production needs; extensive customer service experience; experience in print and production cost analysis; maintain a positive relationship with the internal printing and purchasing departments.
* A degree in graphic design or a related field is a plus.
* Have a strong proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
* Understand the importance of branding and visual communications.
* Have strong proofreading skills and an eye for design and layout.
* Be energetic, creative, proactive, goal-oriented, and passionate about your job responsibilities/position.
* Knowledge of Print shop operations including the relationship between graphic artwork, offset and digital printing, and printing products; procedures for estimating job costs, supplies, and related materials and resources; maintaining print schedule formats to project needs; standard software applications and desktop publishing programs including Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft outlook, Excel and other related programs.
o Experience in Web design and development.
o Good oral communication skills.
o Ability to work collaboratively and collectively in a team environment.

Preferred Requirements:
Candidate with automotive experience would be ideal


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