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Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

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Contractor (W-2)

Job Description

* Responsible for Vehicle Dynamics Performance optimization, using State of the Art Driving Simulator. Responsibilities may include Operations of the Driving Simulator
* Subjectively Evaluate Vehicle Performance on the Driving Simulator to Validate Suspension Architecture & Tire / Steering Requirements before Mule properties can be built.
* Support / lead vehicle programs with analysis/optimization of suspension, steering and tires for Full vehicle Ride & Handling  
* Interact with Advanced Packaging, Chassis, and Powertrain organizations to establish architectural hardpoints of steering and suspension components that are required to deliver the kinematics needed to attain desired vehicular functionality.
* Provide management with documentation/ results of the development activities.
* Additionally, improve the capabilities of the Driving Simulator for Ride & Handling Evaluations
* Position may involve Integration of Hardware-in-the loop with Driving Simulator
* Engineer will be required to provide Subjective evaluations of vehicles at Chelsea Proving Grounds - Tune Suspension, Steering and Tires 

Job Requirements


* Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical, Automotive or Aerospace Engineering from an ABET accredited or equivalent program.
*   Should have experience with Ride and Handling, Kinematics and Compliance
* Comprehensive understanding of vehicle dynamics theory and application
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to coordinate activities with other functional group.
* Ability to travel to the USA for meetings.
* Must have a valid driving license
* Must be legally eligible to work in Canada
Preferred Experience
* Experience with Steering System or Tires or Suspension Component Design
* MATLAB and Simulink Experience
* Must have competency with test and simulation techniques associated with Suspension, Steering system kinematics and compliance as well as full vehicle ride and handling.
* Strong Data analytical skills and the ability to interpret data for senior management reviews

Additional Information / Must Have's:

*    Comprehensive understanding of vehicle dynamics theory and application
*    Experience in Subjective Ride and Handling Evaluations
*    Ability to travel to the USA


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