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LPN Clinic Operations

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Port Clinton, OH

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Direct Hire/ Placements

Job Description

  • Position Summary: The LPN is responsible for providing safe and effective nursing care to all patients utilizing the nursing process in all clinic areas under the supervision of physicians' and clinical services manager. 
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Rooming patients
      • Obtains patient vitals, updates patient medication list, problem list and documents health history.
    2. Triage phone calls
      • Makes appointments if necessary
      • Documents phone call to patient in patient electronic chart and relays patients question or concerns to physician; as necessary.
      • Returns calls to patients in a timely manner; provider information, results, or other medically pertinent information as directed by provider.
    3. Makes appointments/referrals for patients to specialist
      • Provides written appointment information for patient in office, or phones patient with appointment information.
      • Fax pertinent patient information to specialist's office
      • Documents appointment in patient electronic chart
      • Documents referral in patient electronic chart
    4. Schedule tests for patients
      • Provides   education to patient about test
        • Including test preparation, directions to test, hospital registration, duration of test
        • When to expect test results
      • Documents test information in patient electronic chart and for patient
      • Verifies with insurance and obtain prior authorization for test
      • Document prior authorization information in patient's chart
      • Provide prior authorization documentation to Magruder Hospital
      • Fax test order to testing facility. Insure that fax was sent, and confirmed.
    5. Phlebotomy
      • Draws lab work in office, providing safe, efficient venipuncture at patient's office visit and at scheduled nurse visits
      • Logs all blood draws/specimens for hospital lab pick up.
      • Insures that specimens are labeled and stored properly
      • Demonstrates proficiency  on an annual   basis
    6. Performs lab testing in office
      • Urinalysis
      • PT/INR
      • HgbA1c
      • Glucometer
      • Urine pregnancy test
      • Rapid strep
      • Influenza A&B
      • Documents lab results in patient electronic chart
      • Documents lab results on flow sheet in lab
      • Maintains and operates equipment to hospital lab standards
      • Demonstrates proficiency  on an annual   basis
      • Completes quality control testing on lab equipment per hospital lab standards
      • Orders and maintains laboratory supplies
    7. Trained in Magruder Hospital  electronic medical record charting
      • Able to retrieve emergency room notes and test results from Magruder Hospital Cerner system
    8. Performs EKG's in office
    9. Gives immunizations to infants, children and adults
      • Maintains separate immunization logs for insurance and VFC
      • Maintains temperature documentation log for refrigerator and freezer containing immunization
      • Maintains current VIS (vaccine information sheets) and provides them to patients for all vaccines given
      • Documents vaccines in patient chart
      • Accesses IMPACT/state immunization website to obtain immunization records for patients
    10. Administers injections to patients as directed by physician
    11. Assists physician in minor surgical procedures
    12. Stocks and re-orders supplies needed for patient exam rooms, surgery rooms, and lab
    13. Maintains and orders drugs needed for clinic use
    14. Maintains log for insulin samples and stocks insulin samples in refrigerator
    15. Stocks prescription drug samples in locked sample closet per hospital pharmacy guidelines
      • Maintains log in/log out for prescription drug samples
      • Pulls expired prescription drug samples from the shelves in a timely manner and disposes of them properly
      • Assists pharmaceutical drug representatives in determining need for samples, obtaining physician signature  
    16. Maintains Clinic crash cart medications
      • Maintains   crash cart medications with expiration dates
      • Pulls expired medications  and supplies
      • Orders replacement drugs and supplies from Magruder Hospital Pharmacy
      • Picks up replacement medications  and supplies at Magruder Hospital Pharmacy and restocks the crash cart
    17. Maintains eye wash stations at sinks, and documents on flow sheets weekly
    18. Refills routine maintenance prescriptions as directed by physician
    19. Requests medication refills via EMR from doctor
    20. Faxes completed documents as directed by physician
    21. Assists patients with prescription drug assistance programs
      • This includes paperwork, faxing, phone calls and delivery of medications to our office
    22. Attends educational meetings at the hospital
    23. Completes annual online classroom training and testing
    24. Attends staff meetings
    25. Works in other offices and with other physicians as needed

Job Requirements

  • Education and Experience:
    1. Requirements-
      • High School Diploma or GED equivalent with current LPN licensure in the State of Ohio from an accredited school of nursing.
      • Skill in reading and following  written and oral medical orders.
      • Skill in initiating appropriate emergency procedures.
      • Skill in handling a number of tasks simultaneously.
      • Skill in performing blood draws
      • Ability to use manual dexterity to perform medical treatments
      • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers and diverse patient populations.
      • Ability to perform mathematical calculations for drug dosages.
      • Minimum 1 year of LPN experience
      • *BLS certification is required upon hire.  All certifications required in this job description must be maintained    by the employee throughout their employment.


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