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Port Clinton, OH

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Direct Hire/ Placements

Job Description

Job Description:
  • Position Summary: The CT Technologist performs various Computed Tomography, Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Imaging Procedures on patients of various ages.  Performs a variety of procedures using radiation generating equipment and associated imaging systems to produce images of the body for diagnostic purposes. The CT Technologist is responsible for Image and equipment Quality Assurance as well as Radiation Safety and other safety protocols.
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    1. Performs various CT procedures.
    2. Performs various Radiologic and Fluoroscopic Procedures.
    3. Follows the Radiology Department procedures and protocols.
    4. Performs CT examinations according to established protocols in a timely manner.
    5. Performs Radiography, Fluoroscopy examinations according to established protocols in a timely manner. This includes Radiology Procedures in the Operating Room.
    6. Performs radiographic examination using Computed Radiology (CR) or Digital Radiography (DR) Systems.
    7. Proficiently operates CT equipment and equipment related to CT procedures.
    8. Proficiently operates the IV Contrast Auto Injector (Power Injector).
    9. Safely prepares and administers a variety of properly dated contrast material. Examples:   barium, non- ionic intravenous contrast, water-soluble contrast.
    10. Assesses laboratory values (Bun, Creatine, etc.) and obtains thorough patient history pertaining to the administration of contrast material.
    11. Ensure all consent forms are completed.
    12. Monitors the patient for any contrast reaction.
    13. Recognizes and appropriately manages contrast material or other reactions a patient experiences.
    14. Adheres to Infection Control policies and procedures.
    15. Correctly identifies patient.
    16. Correlates patient's medical history and clinical status with imaging examination ordered.
    17. Obtains pertinent patient clinical history and Radiologist's required patient history. Documents history in Electronic Medical Record and /or RIS system.
    18. Establishes patient rapport.  Provides patient with an explanation of procedure and equipment. Allows time for patient to ask questions. Answers patient questions in a manner which is understandable.  Speaks with patient to calm their concerns and reduce anxiety to ensure patient understands and cooperates. Provides home going instructions.
    19. Ensures patient comfort and safety before, during and after the examination.
    20.  Prepares patient for procedure.  Removes jewelry or other items from the region of interest, positions patient, adjusts immobilization devices, provides comfort devices, moves equipment into specified position and makes other necessary adjustments.
    21. Selects correct exposure parameters.
    22. Correctly adjusts exposure techniques based on patient's size, age and disease process.
    23. Alters the patient positioning, equipment or scanning techniques to be able to obtain images when the patient is not able to be placed in routine conventional positions for examinations.
    24. Demonstrates ability to reconstruct image information to obtain optimal images for specific anatomy, physiology and pathology.
    25. Analyzes images and Information for quality with the ability to identify where and how improvements can be made. Retakes suboptimal images as necessary.
    26. Demonstrates knowledge of various stages of the CT examination to judge the acceptability of the images or scans for diagnostic use and to emphasize aspects of particular interest to the Radiologist.
    27. Protects patients, co-workers, visitors and self from unnecessary exposure to ionizing radiation by practicing ALARA principles, applies dose reduction techniques, radiation protections techniques, beam restriction devices/collimation, time, distance, shielding, knowledge of exposure factors and selecting appropriate image receptor system size.
    28. Provides instruction and mentoring to new hires and Radiology students. Completes all required documentation, and evaluations.
    29. Enters data correctly into Electronic Medical Record and/or RIS systems to assure proper registration, patient data, patient clinical history, accuracy of workload statistics and other required information.
    30. Knowledgeable in acquiring, archiving, transmitting and printing images through PACS.
    31. Enters required information into PACS
    32. Completes accurate billing via RIS and/or EMR and ensures billing charges drop.
    33. Rotates and works in the front office as required for coverage.
    34. Produces Images of Optimal Quality for interpretation with accuracy and without delay.
    35. Ensures operation of all Radiology and CT equipment by initiating service, calling for repairs, completing preventative maintenance requirements, following manufacturer's instructions, utilizing service company's support lines and other methods.
    36. Documents and clearly communicates equipment problems with the follow up action to co-workers from shift to shift, Image Management Specialist, Director and others as necessary.
    37. Maintains competency in equipment operations and applications.
    38. Maintains Competency in  CT and   Radiologic Procedures.
    39. Maintains care of all equipment.
    40. Reports any PACS malfunctions to Image Management Specialist and /or PACS Support Services.  Attempts to troubleshoot problems using PACS Help Manual and vendor on-line support.
    41. Adheres to the Imaging Department's Quality Assurance protocols and documents all quality control activities, equipment and procedural calibrations.
    42. Performs all daily QA and as often as manufacturer recommendation. Performs equipment calibrations and adjustments
    43.  Keeps documentation current in designated logs and manuals.
    44. Maintains radiology supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies; placing and expediting orders for supplies; verifying receipt of supplies.
    45. Participates in Quality Improvement initiatives.
    46. Completes designated shift duties and hand off communication reports.
    47. Rotates and works in the front office as required for coverage

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:
  • Education and Experience:
    1. Requirements-
      • Graduate of two-year accredited school of Radiologic Technology.
      • Strong understanding of cross-sectional anatomy.
      • Experience in the safe operations of  IV power injectors for CT Contrast.
      • Knowledge of computer concepts and programs used by equipment. .
      • Responsible for own continuing education.
      • Basic computer skills including typing/keyboarding and ability to proficiently use a variety of software applications such as Microsoft Office.
      • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills, excellent telephone etiquette.
      • Self-motivation essential
      • Performs CT and other Diagnostic Radiologic Technology Procedures in a timely and accurate manner.
      • Quality focused.
      • Dependable.
      • Analyze images and information for quality with the ability to identify where and how improvements cans be made.
      • Attention to detail.
      • Knowledge of general human anatomy, cross section anatomy and related pathologic processes.
      • Application of spiral and /or multi-slice computed tomography including re-construction of scans.
      • The technologist requires specific knowledge and training in the location, appearance and function of the various major and minor body systems.
      • Understand the functioning and inter-relationship of various organs.
      • Ability to communicate well with Radiologist, Physicians and other hospital personnel to coordinate proper imaging of patients.
      • Strong communication skills are essential to provide excellent care to patients and families.
      • Ability to calibrate and operate equipment, properly position patients and adjust positioning devices.
      • Ability to function well with minimal or no direct supervision.
      • Ability to utilize hospital and radiology computer systems and file system.
      • Ability to operate PACS systems.
      • Basic Computer skills including typing/keyboarding and ability to proficiently use a variety of software application such as Microsoft Office
      • Adherence to Radiation Safety, Dose Reduction and ALARA principles.
      • ARRT Certification in Radiography
      • Documented training and competency in Computed Tomography (CT)
      • Current BLS* Certification.


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