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Animal Health & Nutrition - Swine

Help Independent Pork Producers Compete  , SD  
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Animal Health & Nutrition - Swine

We are recruiting experienced swine industry professionals who are passionate helping independent pork producers compete with the Pork Powerhouses.  In this role you will provide products and services to allow independent sow farms and finishing operations successfully compete with integrators.  
Location - Minnesota
Reasons this role is attractive
  • Growing market - many new/expanding farms in South Dakota
  • You are a problem solver
  • Variety of products/solutions/services to sell
  • Big income potential with excellent benefits and expenses
  • Company has established reputation in market and a customer base
  • You will be one of 15 consultants on the team

The job is to meet with independent sow farm or finishing operation owners to identify their needs and provide products and services that will help them become more profitable or efficient.  

Offerings include:
  • Production management services
  • Nutritional services
  • Risk management
  • DVM services
  • Animal health products
  • Financial reporting
  • Family business consulting
  • Marketing the pigs
  • Expansion plans
  • Construction services
To be considered 
  • Must have a MS or PhD in swine nutrition
  • A strong swine production background is desired, but not required
  • Will enjoy meeting new people and be able to develop relationships
  • History of success selling products/services to swine producers OR have a PhD or DVM and want to be farm consultant 

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