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SVP of Merchant Services  ,   Posted: 6/6/2016
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Merchant Services Manager

Position Overview
Under the direction of the Manager, this position is responsible for establishing the overall strategic direction of the line of business, growing profitability, and generating continued revenue growth. Also responsible for product management, account acquisition, financial management, vendor management, risk controls, and initiatives implementation. In addition, this position is responsible for serving as the Excellence in Sales/Service (ESS) champion for the unit. This includes planning, executing, monitoring and measuring the sales processes.

Position Responsibilities

Strategic Focus
Establishes the strategic direction of the line of business (LOB) and manages the development and implementation of the strategy/business initiatives for Merchant Services to grow fee income and recognize cost savings to generate positive NIACC for the LOB. Oversees all sales, contracts, planning, administration, research, design and development of products and services. Achieves department revenue goals by achieving sales goals and maintaining expenses within budget. Ensures resource allocations and capital expenditures are supported by sound business cases that meet or exceed the bank?s hurdle rate for Return on Average Assets, Return on Equity and Return on Investments. Accountable for any variances to the plan. Must be able to work flexible work schedules including evenings, weekends, and holidays as necessary.

Team Collaboration
Partners with other internal business groups to support new initiatives, including company sales campaigns, referral programs, etc. Maintains positive professional relationships with individuals and customers outside of the bank to develop sales and to exchange industry information. Retains and strengthens relationships with the top 30 merchant customers to ensure account retention. Establishes strong working relationships with support groups within the banks such as the Branch, Information Management and Legal Divisions.

Employee Management
Responsible for the management of all employees in the department including staffing, scheduling, compensation, performance management, training and development, succession planning and affirmative action to effectively utilize group and individual capabilities and enhance individual/group development and performance. Responsible for the timely and effective management of Human Resources forms and documents relevant to immediate staff. Motivates staff to meet business objectives (i.e. sales/service incentive programs). Oversees and conducts all sales management activities. Manages sales to ensure processing is completed in an efficient and effective manner to maximize profitability and minimize expense. Must be able to provide own transportation and ability to commute and arrive at intended destination in a timely manner and/or as required.

Sales & Marketing
Develops and implements sales and marketing strategies and promotional programs with quantitative results. Develops policies and procedures to ensure objectives are met. Communicates goals and objectives throughout the entire organization. Creates service level standards and monitors the sales, service and operational performance against them. Compares performance against industry bench marks and takes corrective action when necessary.

Vendor Management
Maintains a professional working relationship with alliance partner, First Data Corporation (FDC). Strictly manages contractual obligations to ensure compliance of terms. Establishes common strategic plans and objectives. Implements major projects in cooperation with FDC. Ensures FDC?s back office service capabilities meet or exceed the agreed upon services levels. Promptly notifies FDC of their failures to meet standards and secures any available remedies.

Minimum Qualifications
1. Bachelor?s Degree in business/ marketing or equivalent work experience.
2. Minimum seven years knowledge and experience in bankcard and/or commercial banking industry.
3. Minimum five years management/supervisory and sales/marketing experience.
4. Demonstrates sales and negotiation skills.
5. Vendor management experience.
6. Personal computer skills (Windows, Excel, Access and Powerpoint)
7. Possesses a valid driver?s license, able to operate an automobile and travel by air.

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