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Senior Product Manager  ,   Posted: 1/28/2019
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Manages complex and/or more strategic products for the bank, with a focus on SWIFT services and international payments. Interfaces with all levels of management throughout the Corporation. Excellent knowledge of assigned products (strategy, competition, operations, regulations, compliance, etc.) and the product management function. Strong understanding of the bank's entire suite of products, how they fit together, how strategically positioned and sold, etc., to provide the appropriate products and services to our clients.

Specific Accountabilities:
? Manage assigned products/product lines and services.
? Identify, evaluate and implement measures to improve product performance, profitability, competitiveness and accountability.
? Identify, evaluate and implement opportunities/needs for product enhancement and development.
? These opportunities may be identified through: regular market/industry and competitor analysis performed by the product group; solutions developed as the result of client needs; regulatory requirements; suggestions from the line or Product Review Committee (PRC). Assists in defining reports and analyses on assigned products/product lines and presents to Bank Management (PRC, ALCO, etc.) on a regular basis. Focus of reports/analyses may be market or competitive issues, special economic and risk factors, pricing, product strategy, profitability, etc.
? Be cognizant about industry trends and regulatory environment. Keep up to date on competition, marketplace, and internal and external issues related to assigned products.
? Works with Marketing on developing information materials on product features, benefits, requirements, pricing and services, and prepares and executes training seminars as needed.
? Review product pricing on an annual basis for all assigned products. Make recommendations and implement including disclosure and colleague communication.
? Monitors development activities relating to meeting product objectives, budget, quality standards and schedule.
? Recommends and implements programs to minimize costs, ensure optimum output and maintain quality. Advises on the solution of technical problems, priorities, and methods.
? Participates in product evaluation; provides recommendations for changes and revisions as required.
? Reviews and recommends SWIFT services beneficial to the bank and coordinates modernization of payment infrastructure mandated by SWIFT, FED, The Clearinghouse.
? Works with Funds Transfer team to learn bank's specifics in payment operations.
? Serves as product expert for a variety of issues -- advice/guidance on sales, "How to position and sell product", operational support for technical product issues, etc.

Job Requirements


Job Skills and Knowledge
? Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience.
? Excellent organizational, problem solving, analytical, planning, and scheduling skills.
? Extensive industry/business knowledge. Deep understanding of SWIFT initiatives and SWIFT services like SWIFT gpi, SWIFT KYC Registry, SWIFT CSP programm, SWIFT for Corporates, ISO 20022.
? Cash Management background with focus on international payments, multi-currency accounts, online delivery channels.
? Payments Operations background desired. Some familiarity with Foreign Exchange.
? Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as, strong presentation skills.
? Proven experience in demonstrating initiative in creating and maintaining positive business relationships with various unit managers.
? Project management experience with the ability to concurrently manage multiple projects and timeframes is necessary. Excellent verbal and written communication skills necessary to prepare comprehensive reports, make presentations and communicate with all levels of Bank management.
? Proficiency in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are essential; Access and other advanced programs would be beneficial.
? Excellent project planning and managerial skills are required to plan, assign and monitor all assigned projects.
? Extensive industry/business knowledge necessary.
? Displays creativity when designing solutions to problems.
? Colleague typically has five to eight years related experience with over two years managing an extensive project(s) and/or large team(s).

Basic Qualifications:
? Minimum 3 years of banking experience required.
? Minimum 7 years of experience in product management, marketing, marketing research or strategic planning and/or project management required.
Minimum 7 years of experience in managing medium to large projects and/or large project teams required.
? Represents the basic qualifications for the position. To be considered for this position you must at least meet the basic qualifications.


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