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Head of Product  Santa Cruz, CA  Posted: 6/7/2019
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Head of Product (Santa Cruz)
Role & Responsibilities:
? Work closely with all team members to facilitate a shared understanding of our customers, product and the corresponding vision. Collaborate with all parts of the organization to turn a raw flow of feature requests into well-defined problem definitions.
? Define a product scope that is focused on the most important use cases with a focus on getting it into users' hands as quickly as possible.
? Manage the product roadmap. Understand and prioritize potential projects from various inputs (user research, business wishlist, etc) so the team is always working on the most impactful projects.
? Understand business strategy and deliver products with Paystand?s unique perspective in mind.
? Define quantitative and qualitative success metrics and constantly evaluate if your solutions have solved the problem through these measures, both before and after their release.
? Be strongly data-driven in understanding product usage, measuring success and failure of different features and adapting product to meet the needs of customers in the most optimal way possible.
? Adopt a mindset of product iteration through analytical experiments and calculated risks.
? Work with designers to design product experiences that users love.
? Understand our core markets deeply at several levels - competition, technology, go-to-market, pricing, buyer and user personas, and analyst coverage.
? Efficiently and effectively see projects through from planning to deployment by managing projects and facilitating communication between all the involved parties. Reliably involve and manage third parties.
? Mock-up product concepts, write functional specs, cut tickets, write copy and do whatever it takes to express your ideas to our engineers, designers and other company stakeholders.
? Work with engineering to plan and track features and releases, be plugged in into sprint execution on a regular basis and own and execute on product deliverables in an agile development environment.
? Assist in building product roadmap presentations for customers, training materials for sales engineering team and other activities where product marketing might need help in messaging and positioning.
? Work closely with marketing and sales on product definitions, pricing, and segmentation.
? Strategic thinking, deep technical background, awesome interpersonal skills, and a passion for technology are also highly desired.
Qualifications & Requirements:
? You have 4+ years experience as a Product Manager for a FinTech company.
? You are a person who thrives in a fast moving environment with a heavy dose of ambiguity.
? You have a strong technical understanding in building APIs and experience working directly with engineers and engineering management.
? Strong analytical, quantitative, and strategic thinking skills.
? Excellent written and oral communication skills.
? Strong technical background with 4+ years of prior experience building, launching and scaling enterprise SaaS products at high-growth startups.
? A deep interest in UI/UX design and a passion for building delightful end-user experiences working closely with product designers.
? A natural instinct, honed by experience, in perfecting the best course that optimizes across product quality, delivery times, customer feedback, and user experience.
? Prior experience with cloud-native stacks and SaaS platforms a big plus.
? Ownership mindset and a bias for action to make directionally correct choices with incomplete information.
? You have experience working with both qualitative customer insights, and quantitative customer data to inform decisions. You?ve conducted user research, a/b tests and have worked closely with design researchers and analysts (or have analyzed data yourself).
? You?re entrepreneurial?you're self-driven and you don?t need direction.
? Be able to easily switch between thinking creatively and analytically.

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