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The Senior Front-End Developer will steer implementation decisions, bridge the gap between design & development, and contribute to 3 e-commerce payments (rewards/gift/loyalty) applications. Each of these businesses have a few customer-facing and internal web applications, and the Senior Front-End Developer will contribute to them all.

* Building rich applications (using modern client-side technology, like React) so that configuring and purchasing our products is a great experience for our users.
* Working with designers to efficiently convey our message on our marketing sites, with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
* Marshalling the conversion of designs into a future-proof component system that allows for quick implementation.
* Designing and implementing the UI/UX for administrative and internal tools
* Ensuring our front ends render consistently across browsers and viewport sizes
* Writing and discussing 'implementation plans,' which let us verbalize our intentions and make sure we"re all building the same thing
* Working with our back-end developers to arrive at API schemas that correctly support the front end

Tools Used:

* Frameworks, etc.: Mostly Material UI, with other modern frameworks scattered around
* Browser-side JavaScript Frameworks and patterns: React, Next, React-query, Redux, Sagas, Axios, Flux Standard Actions, jQuery (we won"t lie)
* Server side: PHP, Symfony, Twig, Node/Next
* Native App: React Native
* Infrastructure: AWS (ECS, EC2), RDS.
* Pipelines: BitBucket, CodeDeploy
* Project and Team Management: Confluence, JIRA, BitBucket
* Third-party front-end integrations: Algolia, WebFlow, Square, Stripe, Sentry, Google Analytics

Job Requirements



The candidate will ship our client"s frontend solutions. This will be done by directly contributing to our client"s applications, and steering implementation decisions. Seeking a consistent mindset to help guide processes. In addition, looking for previous experience with the hand-off between designer and developer.

* Find efficiencies, be it load times, build pipelines, or design/dev hand-off processes.
* Identify the right tools and frameworks to use across the front ends of multiple business units
* Implement HTML/CSS in modern browsers.
* Produce an excellent user experience
* We use React! We want someone with professional experience using some SPA-stye framework and would expect the candidate to show up with a working knowledge of base React, the new Hooks API, and some middleware, like Sagas.
* We"ve began transitioning to Next/Node for Server-Side Rendering
* Maintenance of solid industry awareness. You know what browsers are doing and what other companies are supporting. You know the current best practices and track shifts in industry thinking.
* Understand and implement SEO best practices and use tools like Google Analytics for analysis.
* Achieve necessary and desired site performance and optimization. Manage assets on CDNs and understand how to get the most out of a site. You have a toolbox of services to help you evaluate a site"s performance.
* Focus on testing! We need help designing a consistent front-end testing posture across our business units. Presently we"re using external tools like End Test and BrowserStack, but we"d like to have testing earlier in the process.
* Provide guidance and drive consistency in front-end tooling choices. It"s a complicated ecosystem, and we need someone that understands it. Some specific areas:
o Front-end build tools and CDN interaction
o How and when to load assets on the page

Experience Required

* At least 5 years in the web development field, preferably with rich client-side applications. You need to be well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
* Experience working with designers to go from conceptualization to implementation.
* Some UX best practices and interest.
* Experience with Google Analytics or a similar tracking tool.
* Experience with e-commerce web applications, specifically around integrating with libraries from payment gateways.
* An understanding of the design and development pipeline, and how a tool like Zeplin can help.
* Practical knowledge of PHP or an equivalent server-side language.


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