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MASSEY SERVICES General Manager  ,   Al corriente: 6/19/2021
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REPORTS TO: Regional/Division Manager



A. Maintain and enforce a professional image and the highest level of integrity with regard to all decisions.

B. Monitors and assures a quality image with all Company employees (uniform, ID badges), vehicles (decaled, clean), equipment (maintained, clean), facilities and property (maintained, clean).

C. Develop an overall operating plan for reaching the revenue and profit objectives assigned to the Service Center.


A. Develop sales territories and sales programs for the sales and service departments which promote the growth of the Service Center.

B. Maintain budgeted staffing requirements to ensure revenue and profit objectives are achieved.

C. Analyze Service Center profit and loss statements each month and make adjustments and changes as necessary.


A. Generate a positive relationship with customers, potential customers, and community members, always promoting excellent customer relations, quality image, and integrity.

B. Make every effort to satisfy customers, regardless of time, cost, or effort.

C. Supervise the handling of customer complaints, damage claims and extra services.

D. Demonstrate the initiative to prevent and save customer cancellations and manage same to Company Standards or better.


A. Recruit, interview, hire and train qualified sales, service and administrative staff personnel. Ensure candidates match position profiles.

B. Motivate, train, supervise and lead your Service Center as a team of professionals consistent with Massey"s culture, leadership principles, guiding philosophy and purpose.

C. Take every opportunity to 'recognize' Service Center employees for the purpose of enhancing morale.

D. Personally conduct at least one (1) sales and one (1) service meeting each month.

E. Develop and mentor Service Center employees so they will be qualified for promotional opportunities. Make every effort to promote a minimum of two (2) employees per year.

F. Implement, administer, and enforce all Company Policies and Procedures, including (but not limited to) training, customer service, assigning customers, documentation of service, collections, damage claims, sales, etc.

G. Determine materials and supplies inventory requirements; order and maintain working inventory according to Company Standards.

Requisitos de trabajo



1. College degree in Business Management or equivalent preferred.

2. Minimum of three years management experience required, including personnel management, multi-level P & L responsibility, inventory control, customer satisfaction responsibility, recruiting/training/developing of personnel and leadership experience.
3. Management, sales and marketing experience in a service-related business preferred. Strong work ethic and ability to motivate, lead and challenge a team as required.
4. Must be able to meet requirements for obtaining certification and/or license as required by state, federal, or local regulations.
5. Must possess mathematical ability and knowledge of accounting principles.
6. Must possess good written and oral communication skills, dedication to total customer satisfaction, integrity, ability to work under pressure and professional image.
7. Knowledge of computer operations required.
8. Must possess and continually demonstrate ability and desire to commit to corporate culture, mission, guiding philosophy and purpose.


Requires (67-100% of time) walking, climbing, bending, kneeling, pushing, pulling, reaching, stooping and stretching. Requires constant ability to move freely about the office building and between job sites. Requires frequent (34-66% of time) exposure to outdoor conditions and ability to crawl under homes and in attics for up to 15 minutes at a time. Requires corrected vision and hearing to normal range. Requires ability to travel from location to location. Requires ability to frequently operate small equipment. Requires occasional (3-33% of time) lifting of equipment (up to 50 lbs.) Requires good hand-eye coordination, gross motor coordination and finger dexterity. Must possess ability and stamina to work long hours while performing physical labor. Must possess ability to climb heights and ability to endure high levels of noise.


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