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MASSEY SERVICES Sales Inspector  ,   Al corriente: 6/19/2021
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1. Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, both on and off the job. Look and act professional … This includes, but is not limited to, personal grooming, vehicle appearance, and point of sales materials.

2. Must make a minimum of 10 calls per day. This includes office and service leads, as well as making creative calls.

3. Must schedule a minimum of 5 appointments per day.

4. Perform quality inspections. This will include the preparation of a complete and accurate graph, appropriate treatment specifications, and correct rate card pricing.

5. Present sales proposals in a professional manner. Carefully and completely advise customers of inspection findings. Offer effective, environmentally responsible solutions to existing conditions, avenues and sources of infestation.

6. When necessary, sell additional service. Offer information, up to and including formal proposals, on all Massey"s residential and GreenUp Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care services.

7. Contact all customers after service is performed to ensure customer satisfaction and to generate referrals.

8. Maintain productivity at or above published minimum standard. Review, understand and comply with all general Sales Policies.

9. Complete and submit a Daily Sales Activity Report.

10. Average a minimum of 3 proposals per appointment.

11. Respond to all leads immediately and, where possible, handle the same day received.

12. Be on time. When you make an appointment or promise, keep it. Be dependable.

13. Respond to customer issues with urgency and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Inform Management of any unusual problems or requests made by customers.

14. Always respect the customer"s premises and furnishings. Leave them in the same condition or better than you found them when you arrived.

15. Maintain a 75% closing ratio on all leads.

16. Attend all sales and technical training meetings, as required.

17. Stay abreast of all regulations involving our industry and use of safety equipment and procedures. Perform job functions consistent with regulations and Company policies and procedures.

18. Stay abreast of all technical data pertaining to industry products, material and equipment.

19. Build trusting and lasting relationships with customers. Always say, and do what is right!

20. Assist with collection efforts on delinquent accounts, as required.

21. Maintain your vehicle in a safe, clean and proper operating condition.

22. Safeguard all Company property, equipment and materials. Use and maintain all personal safety equipment, as required.

23. Participate in promotional and public/community relations efforts as required.

24. Perform all other duties as assigned.

Requisitos de trabajo



1. College degree in business or related environmental science preferred.
2. Must have excellent written, and verbal communications skills.
3. Must have or be able to obtain required drivers license.
4. Minimum of 1-2 years" sales experience preferred.
5. Must possess basic mathematical ability.
6. Must be able to read and comprehend industry product labels.
7. Must be able to meet requirements for obtaining certification and/or licenses as required by state, federal or local regulations.
8. Must have knowledge of computer operations.


Requires constant contact with the public and company personnel. Frequently work is performed outdoors. Office work is performed in air conditioned/heated facility. May be exposed to rain, hail, winds, dust, dirt, cement, grass, shrubs, trees, high levels of noise, vibrations, and others. Incumbent will work with and around various types of lawn care and pest industry products, materials, and equipment.


Must possess ability to operate lawn care, pest prevention, and termite equipment including, but not limited to, backpack applicators, drills, shovels, carpenter"s tools, power tools, truck equipment, aeration equipment, and others.


Requires constant (67% - 100% of the time) walking, climbing, bending, kneeling, pushing, pulling, reaching, stooping, and stretching. Requires constant ability to move freely about the building and between job sites. Requires frequent (34% - 66% of the time) exposure to outdoor conditions and ability to crawl under homes and in attics for up to 15 minutes at a time. Requires corrected vision and hearing in the normal range. Requires ability to travel from location to location. Requires ability to frequently operate small equipment. Requires occasional (0% - 33% of the time) lifting of equipment (up to 50 pounds). Requires good hand-eye coordination,


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