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D&A BUILDING SERVICES Technician  Longwood, FL  Al corriente: 7/21/2021
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Responsibilities Floor Tech

* Maintain the cleanliness and appearance of all flooring and carpeting.
* Vacuum carpeted hallways and common areas daily.
* Move necessary tables and chairs to assure cleanliness of entire floor.
* Remove trash from the utility rooms and the activity rooms.
* Sweep, mop, buff and strip all floors as needed.
* Sweep mats and entrance ways to buildings, removing any trash or debris.
* Perform all responsibilities with adherence to resident"s rights.
* Follow safety policies and procedures and maintain safe work habits at all times.

Requisitos de trabajo


* Ability to stand, lift, bend, and stoop for extended periods of time.
* Physical strength capable of lifting 30 lbs.
* Ability to read and comprehend labels and written instructions.
* Ability to communicate.
* Must have at least 1 yrs of experience.
* Must have a clean background and driving record.


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