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Community Relations

26 HEALTH Community Relations/Events Coordinator  Orlando, FL  Al corriente: 7/30/2021
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Community Relations

The Community Relations/Events Coordinator (full-time) will perform administrative duties related to, marketing and public relations and will gain firsthand experience in strategic planning to increase the capacity of a growing non-profit organization. Additionally, this person will be involved with working with a team to create and implement the, development and communications strategy for 26Health. role is entry level and will serve as the catalyst for a successful career in non-profit relationship management for the right candidate.

The Community Relations/Events Coordinator assists with the identification, development and implementation of marketing and promotional strategies for 26Health. Promotes community awareness of 26Health's services and programs.

Daily/Weekly Tasks
* Coordinator will meet with their leader every week at an agreed upon time to review weekly tasks and goals. Coordinator will be prepared at that time to report back to leadership on goal progress and outcomes from previous weeks.

Event Management Activities
* Provide organizational support and assist in the management and execution of events, to include the annual signature event, as well as smaller community events in conjunction with outside community event planners.
* Develop and execute timelines for various organizational events to ensure strategic plans and critical processes are carried out in a timely manner.
* Monitor and evaluate all organizational events and activities to ensure that the community building and outreach goals are being achieved.
* Monitor trends in the community or region and adapt community event and outreach strategies as necessary.

Community Outreach/Relations Activities

* Staff and/or coordinate staffing for community tabling events.
* Establish and maintain a concierge-level of customer service relationship with all patients and community partners.

* Provide outreach and community support services throughout central Florida
* Support in the development and implementation of a strategic community outreach plan to reach diverse LGBTQ+ population including youth, elders, trans and non-binary, people of color, low-income and historically marginalized communities.
* Assist in the development of content for social media (providing photos and live stream video from events).
* Represent 26Health at community events and conduct informational presentations.
* Utilize outreach tools and materials for distribution including promotional flyers and graphics.
* Manage inventory and ordering for any necessary outreach materials.
* Research and Develop outreach opportunities.
* Collaborate with communities of color to introduce 26Health services and resources.
* Consult with and advise community partners throughout the region on how to create more LGBTQ+ affirming spaces.
* Maintain database of contacts and detailed records of meaningful outreach connections.
* Function as a core member of the 26Health community outreach and events team.
* Be involved in creative visioning and development of the department to assist it in meeting the needs of the LGBTQ + community.
* Works closely with the Marketing Manager and other staff members to plan and implement special promotions and coordinate participation in community events.
* Serves as a liaison between 26Health and its community partners.
* Plans and organizes outreach campaigns, receptions, special events fundraising, and publicity. Manages communications with collaborating or co-sponsoring organizations as required. Assists the Marketing Manager special projects and event planning.

Requisitos de trabajo


A passionate community outreach and events coordinator. Strong background in working with the LGBTQ+ Community. Passion for and personal connection to LGBTQ issues. Bilingual/bicultural preferred. Creativity that is energized by launching brand-new initiatives and a 'do what it takes' mentality. Exceptional oral and written communication skills. Collaborative approach to decision making. The community Knowledgeable of the LGBTQ+ community history and experience as well as understanding the issues impacting the community including the high rate of suicide, mental health issues and substance abuse.
* Demonstrated experience and/training working with LGBTQ+ community.
* Understanding of social justice and community organizing and cultural competency.
* Strong commitment to social, racial and economic justice.
* Solid community outreach, organization and communication skills.
* Experience working with historically marginalized populations including clients and communities who are transgender, non-binary and gender expansive, low-income, people of color, youth, older adults, disabled, and immigrants.
* Ability to work in a multidisciplinary, multiracial, multicultural, multi-gendered, and intergenerational environment.
* Willing to travel throughout their assigned territory.
* Flexibility and ability to handle changing priorities; ability to shift smoothly to different tasks.
* Initiative and imagination necessary to perform job functions with a minimum of direction.
* A clear understanding of our public service mission and a forward thinker as well as a visionary regarding 26Health"s dynamic role in the community.


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