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Part-Time Veterinary Daycare Trainer  Dayton, OH  Posted: 9/2/2020
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Part-Time Employee


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Part-Time Daycare Trainer

Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic
5655 Bigger Rd, Kettering, OH 45440

We provide top quality care for the pets in our Daycare and Puppy Montessori programs by balancing daily physical exercise with mental enrichment. Our trainers focus on the overall goals of the program as well as the individual needs of each pet, within Bigger Road’s Fear Free framework that emphasizes pets’ emotional well-being.
General Duties
-          Provide basic care such as feeding, medicating, and basic hygienic needs
-          Prepare meals and treat toys for pets
-          Keep pets as comfortable as possible by immediately cleaning soiled areas and removing any soiled bedding / toys from the nap rooms
-          Take pets outside to designated fenced in area for potty breaks throughout the day
-          Maintain a “fecal free” zone at all times by removing fecal matter from the outdoor exercise area when needed and disposing of it in the designated locations
-          Set up the play rooms / nap rooms with bedding, bowls and toys
-          Thoroughly disinfect each nap / play room daily and provide a deep cleaning of each area once a week
-          Launder toys / bedding
-          Wash and sanitize dishes / toys
Off-Leash Play
-          Provide daily physical exercise with scheduled off-leash group play time
-          Maintain a high level of comfort for our pets during off-leash play time by supervising the interactions between each dog, encouraging appropriate play, and intervening when needed
-          Assist with temperament testing each new pet for off-leash group play time
Client Service
-          Check pets in to Daycare / Montessori every morning, which includes gathering instructions from
Clients regarding feeding, medicating, behavioral needs, and play time preference, as well as collecting the pet’s belongings and storing them in their designated cubby
-          Check each pet out of Daycare / Montessori every evening, which includes returning the pet and their belongings to the client, as well as providing the client with a training progress report for their pet and homework for that day
-          Create a report card every day for each pet
-          Help pets develop positive behaviors such as: waiting at every gate / doorway, sitting and waiting politely for leashing, entering / exiting their kennel on cue, sitting for meals / toys / attention, and dropping toys when asked  
-          Spend daily individual time with assigned pets teaching them new behaviors, as well as maintaining established behaviors. List of skills include, but are not limited to:
Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Wait, Leave It, Drop It, Take It, various targeting, sit for greetings, appropriate play, crate training, and bite inhibition
-          Complete a daily training progress report for each pet
-          Document various forms of information regarding our pets’ status / well-being into our computer system (Cornerstone)
-          Create homework topics once per week for each client based on each individual dog’s progress


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