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EHQ Team Leader

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EHQ,  Netherlands

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Job Description

The Deskside Team Leader at Nike EHQ reports directly to a Service Delivery Manager and is responsible for managing the provision of support to Nike employees by their Deskside team(s) either when the Service Desk is unable to, the employee is a walk-up, or the Technician is working at a Performance Bar.
The Team Leader is responsible for either their location(s) or their team (as specified) including day to day queue management, workload management, and people management to ensure continuity of service to the Nike employees. 
The TL is expected to communicate in a timely manner with their team when additional responsibilities are requested by Nike which have not been provided at that location previously.  Those may be on the lists below or in addition to the lists.  The TL will then work with the appropriate Nike contacts to determine what preparation is needed to take on these responsibilities and how current priorities and work load will be affected.  The TL will communicate that back with the Technicians.
Training for the following responsibilities will be provided by Stefanini through a combination of classroom, online and on-the-job training/shadowing.

Job Requirements

  • Follow attendance expectations including;
    1. Shift adherence (start/finish and breaks)
    2. Alerting SDM/LM to sickness absence
    3. Completing timesheets and leave requests in a timely manner
  • Complete Stefanini and Nike training as required
  • Follow all local and global safety requirements and complete Nike Specific safety training
    1. Including adherence to site specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rules
    2. Manual handling and safety guidelines
  • Periodic team meeting scheduling, attendance and participation 
  • One to one monthly meeting scheduling, attendance and participation for all direct reports
  • Monitor incoming tickets (INC and REQ) in Service-Now 
    1. Assign tickets to technician’s queue for further action maintaining load balance
  • Walk up service and documentation where Deskside Technicians are not available
  • Provide the highest level of professional and courteous support to Nike employees
Core Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:
Leadership Tasks
Daily or every other day
  • Service-Now Ticket Queue monitoring / management – ensure workload is balanced between available technicians and that their individual queues are manageable
  • Approve/Decline employee Paid Time Off (PTO) requests
  • Ensure all Technicians work is being captured via Service-Now tickets, or in project hours
  • Monitor daily SLA report(s)
    1. Monitor any other reports delivered to mailbox and take actions where deemed necessary
  • Touch base with team members in an informal way
  • Monitor own email and any attached shared mailboxes for incoming communications
  • Follow up on any open items from meetings, emails or conversations
  • Attend and participate in client or team scheduled meetings
  • Where necessary (and permitted), disseminate metrics to team
  • Address issues from team / personal issues
  • Create and maintain employee schedules where applicable
    1. Including on-call rotas
    2. And holiday/PTO timetables
  • Hold informal weekly team meetings and post or send meeting notes to team
  • Ensure after hours phone is operational and on-call resource is identified and available
  • Ensure all Technicians work areas are neat and organized and meet “clear-desk” standards
  • Weekly parts closet audit for all sites 
  • Review and update all team contact list
  • Review and update Deskside Org chart 
  • Monitor stagnant tickets in queue(s) and follow up with technicians for actions outstanding
  • Review HOLD queue for delinquent tickets and cancel as defined by the Ticket Handling process
  • WO audit spreadsheets
  • Review open tickets for each site and ensure load-balancing
  • Attend weekly regional and global TL meeting 
  • Verify timesheets have correct billing codes and comments and are approved as per the Geo requirements
  • Have a minimum of one scheduled 1 to 1 conversation with each employee to discuss performance and training requirements
    1. Send 1-to-1 notes to employee
    2. Add notes to SharePoint 
  • Participate in Stefanini recognition programs and use project funding as allocated by the manager to motivate and reward team members
  • Nike technician of the month program – submit at least one entry per month
  • Complete active list (if required)
  • Attend 1 to 1 meeting with SDM/LM
  • Complete at least two Ticket and/or Work Order Audits for each direct report
  • Review Ticket/Work Order audit results report – email from Quality Team
  • Review scorecard results by individual, team and overall by TL
  • Review global monthly reports
Ad Hoc
  • Submit all necessary paperwork for On and/or Off-boarding of a new employee (follow documented process)
  • Complete all necessary recruiting, hiring and disciplining for direct reports
  • Work with Manager and HR on all Leave of Absence (LOA) and tuition reimbursement requests
  • Recognize employee birthday and anniversary 
  • Recognize new team members (next Team Meeting)
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Periodic stockroom auditing – assets with audit follow up status sent to TL



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