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Information Technology

BI Application Developer  Las Vegas, NV  Posted: 10/8/2021
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Information Technology

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Definition of Debugging : Being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.  We are looking for highly qualified professionals to build a team of Buisness Intellegence Developers randing from level I, II and III skills sets. If you love developing Business Intelligence code and programs and working amongs a team of developers working to build best of class applications, then this may be the role for you. 
Position Summary
The ideal candidate will have a desire to assist in assessing Data Architecture for future evolution and change and assess business needs, recommending new Visualization and Analytic tools as required and have the ability to deliver analytical applications to the organization that include ETL, Data Marts, Data Cubes (OLAP), standard reports and other analytical applications as required. 
Job REsponsiblities: 
  • Development: Data Models, ETL and OLAP Cubes ? Design and Deploy Dimensional Data Models. Create Integration Services packages, scripts and other elements to move data from source systems into the data warehouse.
  • Utilize data transformation steps to cleanse, aggregate and summarize data to create star schemas consisting of fact and dimension tables.
  • Work in collaboration with the organization to understand business issues, identify new valuable areas of analysis and develop reports that analyze data warehouse information to support effective rapid decision-making.
  • Assist in developing and deploying reports using various tools including SSRS, Excel and SharePoint.
  • Deploy and maintain reporting models using Visual Studio and SQL Server Reporting services that the business community can leverage for self-service analysis.
  • Publish and maintain necessary metadata (data dictionary, etc.) to support the self-service reporting environment.
  • Conduct informal training sessions that foster a solid understanding within the business community of both the ad-hoc reporting models and reports published through the reporting dashboards
  • Production Processing Support ? Provide support and troubleshoot issues as needed for the automated ETL data processing environment. Assess the growing and evolving environment for improvement and work with the BI team to enhance process logic.

Job Requirements


Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor"s degree in Math, IT or Finance.
  • Three or more years" experience building Data Warehouse and Business intelligence solutions.
  • Experience working with SQL queries and data processes.
  • Experience with SQL Server 2012 or later. Demonstrable experience using Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies: SSAS, SSIS, SSRS or similar technologies.
  • Experience with Microsoft Sharepoint is a plus.
  • Working knowledge with SQL Server and SQL syntax.
  • Ability to comprehend index design and SQL statement optimization techniques.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment on complex problems.
  • Must be able to analyze and understand business needs and requirements in order to translate to system specifications and deliverable solutions.
  • Should be able to effectively identify test scenarios in order to assist with systems and user testing.
  • Ability to troubleshoot both Code and Data quality issues.


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