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Information Technology

Penetration Tester  ,   Posted: 11/4/2021
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Information Technology

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  • Conducting tests on networks and applications
  • Conduct physical assessments of server systems and network device security.
  • Look for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and design solutions to security issues such as temperature, vandalism, humidity and natural disasters.
  • Conduct security and network audits to evaluate how well an organizations system conforms to a set of established criteria.
  • Enforce security policies that identify procedures and rules for accessing and using their IT resources.
  • Document your findings, write security reports and discuss solutions with IT and management teams.

Job Requirements


  • Knowledge of vulnerabilities.
  • Willingness to continually learn.
  • Understanding of Secure Web Communications and Technologies.
  • Ability to script or write code.
  • Experience in PCI compliance is a MUST
  • Experience in SOC2 compliance.
  • Experience performing internal audits.
  • Experience with Dynamic Web applications, RESTful API assessments, and attack Proxies.


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